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Given the current COVID-19 public health crisis and in keeping with social distancing for the public safety, we have transitioned to a remote work environment for all Clinical Services


REALIZE Recovery



REALIZE Recovery combines evidence-based therapeutic practices with Mindfulness and Somatic modalities always leading with the respect, dignity and individualized attention that we are becoming known for here in the Boulder area. 

We take a holistic and personalized approach in developing each patient's rehabilitation plan by providing:

  • Tailored outpatient substance abuse treatment planning to fit your specific situation, challenges and needs

  • Comprehensive care for your mind, body and spirit

  • Integrated mental health care to address co-occurring conditions such as anxiety or depression

By working with you to understand your whole picture—your physical and mental health, family history, the types of drugs you are using, and many other influences and variables—we are able to develop individualized outpatient treatment plans to better serve you REALIZE your Recovery journey.


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